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Common Components of Computer Network

Common Components of Computer Network: All Computer Networks include some combination of the following – end Station, application, and a Network. Some of this components are used to make different topology in computer network.

Common Components of Computer Network
Common Components of Computer Network

Common Components of Computer Network

1. Servers:

Servers are computers that hold shared files, programs, and the network operating system. Servers provide access to network resources to all the user of the network.

2. Clients:

Clients are computers that access and use the network and shared network resources. Clients computers request to servers and receive services from the servers.

3. Transmission media:

Transmission media are sometimes called channels , links, or lines. They are the facilities that are used to interconnect computers in a network.

4. Shared Data:

Shared data are data that file servers provide to clients, such as data files, printers access programs and email.

5. Network Interface Card:

Each computer in a network system has a special expansion card called a network interface card(NIC). The NIC prepares and sends data, receives data and controls data flow between the computer and the network. On the transmit side the NIC transmit the frames to the physical layer which transmits the data to the physical link.

6. Local Operating System:

A local operating system allows personal computers to access files , print to a local printer, and have use one or more disk that are located on the computer. For eg, MS-DOS , windows 98, windows 2000 etc.

7. Network Operating System:

the network operating system is a program that runs on computers and servers that allows the computer to communicate over a network.

8. Shared Printers and Other peripherals:

Shared printers and peripherals are hardware resources provided to the users of the network by servers. Resources provided include data files , printers software, or any other items used by client on the network.