C program for palindrome number

C program for palindrome number. A palindrome number is a number whose digits, with decimal representation are the same when read from backwards. For example 12321 is a palindromic number as if we again read this number from backward we find same result i.e 12321. This c program is implemented as, first reversing the integer and then comparing the values.
Reversing the integer need to first break the integer into digit. You can find following c program also which breaks the digit and operates :

  • C program to sum the digit of number
  • C program to product the digit of number

C program for palindrome number


int main()
     int no, in = 0, out;
     printf("Enter a number to check if it is a palindrome or not\n");

     out = no;

     while( out != 0 )
          in = in * 10;
          in = in + out%10;
          out = out/10;

     if ( no == in )
     printf("\nIt is a palindrome number.\n");
     printf("\nIt is not a palindrome number.");


Output of C program for palindrome number:

C program for palindrome number
Output: C program for palindrome number


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