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AJAX – Brief introduction – Why, Where and Example

AJAX – Brief introduction – Why, Where and Example. To be very confine to cover Why and Where AJAX technology is used with example, will cover following 5 topics just to get an overview of an AJAX technology. This post only deals with why and where this technology is used.

Brief introduction to AJAX

AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It cannot be defined as an individual technology or a language like JAVA or PHP , but a group of  some, i.e

JavaScript : JavaScript provides code and make a html page dynamic and interactive.

XML and XMLHttpRequest Object  : XMLHttpRequest is Represents an XML request using HTTP.

HTML and CSS : For Web designing.

DOM(document object model)

AJAX - Brief introduction
AJAX – Brief introduction

Why need of AJAX

I profoundly believe that AJAX is going to be the future of web technology. If you are a web developer, you should be aware of this technology. What AJAX can do? Well, it loads the data, for, a part of a page or a whole page without reloading or refreshing a page and without changing the url of that page. How? Web Application can send data to and retrieve data from a server asynchronously and this data can be retrieved using the XMLHttpRequest Object. JavaScript and the XMLHttpRequest object provide a method for exchanging data asynchronously between browser and server and loads the data which is been received to that part and dynamically change the content.

AJAX makes a web page appear more like a desktop application rather than a web application as it gives smoother and less frustrating experience to the user.

What are the application and the type of project that can implement by AJAX

AJAX application, it really made a change in web technology. Google used AJAX heavily in their application and make an impact on impressing their user and providing such a exciting technology.  Some of the examples of AJAX that you regularly use are as:

  • Google search  or Google Suggest : When you type in some letter or word, Google predicts some query for you, that appear as follows :
AJAX - Google search
AJAX – Google search

How was that, without loading a page, some words are send to server in form of XMLHttpRequest and that request makes a search and  suggested query for you can be seen provided by Google.

  • Google MAPS : When you zoom in the map, the maps appear more clearer with more points and its name loaded to that page. Amazing the data is been loaded without reloading the page, its processes so smoothly that we would never recognize that a request has made by us to a server. See the example below, and notice the url.
AJAX - Google Map
AJAX – Google Map
AJAX - Google Map
AJAX – Google Map
  • Google GMAIL : When a mail is sent to you and you are already logged in,  a message been appear to you as one mail received. But is the Gmail is regularly reloading or updating the page where you logged in, No its a magic of AJAX.

Google Reader, Facebook, Amazon, Orkut, Google group,  Flickr etc are the website which makes use of this technology.

Chatting and Submitting form and getting feedback a form without refresh are the another application where we can work with by using AJAX technology.

Author review or words for AJAX

AJAX. Great, wow, future of web , this are the words that describe AJAX.  I recommend every web developer and every engineer student who willingly like to work on web projects should understand this technology and make some application with this. Easy to understand and implement. Only need to have a good knowledge of JavaScript, xml, html and css. I am currently Working on one application of ajax and will soon Publish an application on this web.

Thank you. If you are having a more knowledge on AJAX and want to share your ideas, do comment below.

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